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Brutally simple - the best offroad camper trailer with quick setup

It just works! The Mission is designed for and by experienced 4x4 campers demanding a no nonsense, go-anywhere approach to their off-road adventures. At its core the Mission brings together real life camping needs, excellent build quality and materials into a simple, yet comfortable down to earth package.

Compact and clever camping

The Mission combines clever design, heavy-duty components and low weight allowing it to track lightly over the roughest terrain. At camp the purpose built Mission tent has three flexible formats, all of which are quick and hassle free to set up. While the kitchen simply folds down in seconds giving you access to a generous worktop, integrated stove, water and kitchen drawer system.

Best value, National Luna fridge/freezer and solar panel

The Mission comes complete with a best brand National Luna 50L fridge/freezer, 80w solar panel, 12v/240v charging and battery system, water tank/pump, gas and all the canvas configurations for the three set-up options plus more. Take a look at the spec sheet for the full list of inclusions and compare.

4x4 4WD outback trailers designed for Australia

• Built with durability and dependability top of mind
• Core weight distribution (geometry) principles applied
• True low weight of 790kg (Inc. extras), (ball weight 45kg)
• Tried and trusted HD shock and LEAF suspension
• Stainless steel (grade3CR12) chassis (worth a Google!)
• Steel reinforced fibreglass body